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"Iā€™m Nobody! Who are you?"

That quotation is from one of Emily Dickinson's most popular poems. As a shy kid growing up in Southeast Florida, I spent a lot of time memorizing Dickinson's poems; she's the reason I became a writer and still hoard poetry books today.

After years of poetry and sunshine in Florida, I attended Davidson College, where I studied (you guessed it) more poetry and graduated with a B.A. in English with honors. (Fun fact: I wrote my thesis on the long American poem. Talk to me about Walt Whitman and A.R. Ammons!)

After Davidson, it was on to the Peace Corps in Guinea, where I taught English and scrawled lines of poetry on the walls of my tin roof house.

Post-Peace Corps, I spent more than five years in New York, and then bounced around between Florida, Savannah, GA, and Singapore.

I learned to sew (I even made my wedding dress).

I joined the Brooklyn Poets team as Board Secretary.

I published a few poems (see my portfolio).

I volunteered at ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary in Singapore, where I cared for adorable Asiatic softshell turtles and advocated to stop government culling of the country's macaques. (As a lifelong vegetarian, animals are pretty important to me.)

I interviewed David Duchovny šŸ˜ and contributed to the Cat Welfare Society's quirky coffee table book, Society of Cats.

And I currently live in Washington, DC, with my husband, our two cats, Maxwell Smart and Freddie, and about 2,000 books.

One more thing...

More than anything else, I get asked for book suggestions. The one book I will recommend to anyone is the novel Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. You're welcome.