Tiffany Gibert

"You are very much a person made up of words"

A writing professor once pronounced this to me, and I have been living up to the characterization ever since.

Words have taken me from the Florida coast to New York City, from Singapore to the heart of Alabama. During this time — in addition to holding full-time roles at organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Time Out New York, the American Museum of Natural History, and  — I have worked as a freelance writer and communications consultant for global nonprofits and media companies.

My consulting work focuses on cause-driven storytelling and building sustainable engagement. Interested? See some of my services below — but don't hesitate to send me a note about any kind of project.


This part is the most fun! And the most flexible. A few examples of content I've developed:

  • Blogs, articles, Q&As
  • Social media posts
  • Public speeches, press releases
  • Newsletters, email campaigns

And the list goes on... With my background in poetry, I'm especially dedicated to choosing the perfect words. You know you can trust a poet with words.


If you already have the bulk of your content written but aren't quite sure about the flow, tone, or structure, it's time to bring in some eagle eyes.

Whether you're interested in simple line edits (e.g. Is this comma in the right place?) or big-picture edits (e.g. Does this even make sense?), my editing will focus on enhancing the hard work you've already done — maximizing effectiveness and results, whatever that means for your project.


Have a new website that doesn't lead the audience through your material the way you'd like? Or a mobile app that's missing a certain je ne sais quoi user-friendliness? I'll step in and fill those gaps with a customized storytelling experience. The focus is simple, audience-driven copy, and we'll work together to make sure the language and rhythm of the design best suit your customers, constituents, or anyone else!


Let's look at the big picture.

Maybe you're starting a new business and have no idea how to begin your outreach. Or you want to launch a newsletter and don't know MailChimp from Curious George. Send me a note, and I'll figure out those first, intimidating steps, from honing in on your personal voice to building a dedicated social media following.